Web Redesign Project

Preview of Concordia.ca
Preview of the Concordia.ca redesign before usability testing.

While on contract at Concordia University replacing a staff leave, I successfully led a major redesign of Concordia.ca, consolidated several websites, managed newsletters and launched a social media plan. I coordinated projects and updates for web designers, and sought out projects that needed development. I co-authored functional requirements for a content management system. I supported change with qualitative methods (usability tests, feedback) and quantitative methods (analytics, competitive analysis).

Besides a new look created by the lead designer and new content developed by our team, there was an important change in usability. A simple and consistent top level navigation was implemented across many sites. Other page elements such as mega menus, breadcrumbs, left navigation, sidebars, slideshows, and footers were implemented or simplified.

As mentioned I implemented a social media program across several departments. I authored a handbook, a playbook, blogged, monitored using Radian6, provided guidance during many public crises, facilitated and trained groups. I helped double engagement across social media accounts.

Site redesign credits in the University Communications Services department:
Lucy Niro – Director, Web Communications
Matthew Burpee – Webmaster and Coordinator (replacement), Web Communications
Simon Horn – Webmaster and Coordinator (on leave), Web Communications
Christopher Alleyne – Lead Creative, Design
Mathieu Price – Web Designer, Web Communications
David Smith – Web Designer, Web Communications
Terry Rybak – Junior Web Designer, Web Communications
Kirsten Cameron – Web News Editor, Web Communications

2010 Trends from Mashable+

Please enjoy some data, presentations and infographics from Mashable and others. Happy New Year!

2010: The Year Facebook Dethroned Google as King of the Web [STATS]
“It’s only a matter of time until Facebook topples the entire Google empire, though. We’ve seen the trend develop for months: Facebook is getting bigger than Google. According to comScore, Facebook’s U.S. traffic grew by 55% in the last year and has shown no sign of slowing down… The social network accounted for 8.93% of all U.S. visits in 2010 (January-November), beating Google (7.19%), Yahoo Mail (3.52%), Yahoo (3.30%) and YouTube (2.65%). However, Facebook didn’t beat the traffic garnered by all of Google’s properties combined (9.85%).”

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44% of Online Sharing Occurs Through Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]0
44% of Online Sharing Occurs Through Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]
“Impressively, 44% of shares occurred through Facebook in 2010, up 33% from last year. That number does not include shares done via Facebook’s “Like” button, which means the actual, universal percentage of shares through Facebook is likely higher. Shares over Gmail increased by 395%, outpacing StumbleUpon, Facebook and Twitter. Shares via MySpace and Friendster dropped 20% and 31% respectively.”

How Time of Changed: 2000-2010