How often does WordPress need to be updated?

If you want a safe website, you have to update it regularly. WordPress releases have come every 1.4 months and have been remarkably consistent over time. They really have deviated very little from that schedule since 2006. These include security releases and bug fixes. This doesn’t included plugin updates and conflicts. Source:


Toni Schneider of Automattic on Trends around WordPress

Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic, talks above at the Web 2.0 Summit 2010 last week. He says that people online want to have control over design, content, ad income or not, reputation and privacy. If you want to be your own point of control on the web then you need your own domain name. We are in the early days of online identity. We want control and also the connection of being part of a social network. The next generation of online solutions will be offering both of these things together. He also said that WordPress will disrupt the enterprise CMS market.

The Web 2.0 conference had an interesting map as it’s theme. Inspired from the RISK board game it showed companies who hold great swaths of strategic territory, and those who are attempting to gain ground. More about the map.