Perhaps the locations we visit have just as much to say about us as the thoughts we post.

Where am I?
A few places keep a running track of my path on terra firma including Foursquare/Swarm, Google, Facebook Check-ins, Instagram Photos, Flickr’s Photo Map, and perhaps the odd Yelp review.

Where have I been?
I came to Toronto for university and it’s been my home for more than two decades. I grew up in Montreal and have also lived by a farm in Chichester in England, in Ottawa and Quebec City as a student, and once worked at the Chateau Lake Louise in Alberta. So far I’ve travelled across the Americas and Europe. I haven’t travelled far compared to my friends. I’m actually a homebody. But from diving in Roatan, to accidentally hiking in a circle in foggy Wales, to attending weddings in the U.S., Bermuda, Peru and Italy, I’ve visited a few places near and far.

An animation of my check-ins from a few years ago while working on a contract in Montreal with visits in Toronto.