Independent Social Media Week Toronto, 2016

SMWi Toronto (#SMWiTO) took place June 7-10, 2016 across downtown.

SMWi, an Independent Social Media Week, provides community organizers around the world with the opportunity to host an independently organized event during one of the four editions of the Social Media Week conference. This year, due to growing interest, Toronto participated in Social Media Week through the new SMWi program.

At Social Media Week Toronto #SMWiTO
Sports FTW: How Sports Brands Nurture Fan-Based Communities talk at SMWiTO
Sports FTW: How Sports Brands Nurture Fan-Based Communities talk at SMWiTO
Sports FTW: How Sports Brands Nurture Fan-Based Communities talk at SMWiTO
Social Media Week Toronto #SMWiTO
Social Media Week Toronto #SMWiTO
Social Media Week Toronto #SMWiTO
40-deuce at Social Media Week Toronto #SMWiTO
Alan K'necht  at Social Media Week Toronto #SMWiTO
At Social Media Week Toronto #SMWiTO

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Every location has a story. Let’s connect them online

Where there is a place, there is a story. In cities public places have a story of coexistence and connection.

I’ve long been hooked on connecting location information online with images, links and info. For years I have been using location apps such as Foursquare Swarm and Yelp to check into places, leaving a photo and an account. I’ve recently been inpsired by Jane’s Walks about neighbourhoods, the city building hash tag #2forTO, and an app I tried in San Francisco. The Detour App took things to a new level by offering audio/visual location tours that direct one to places not even imagined.

As a personal project, I created profile accounts in social media of a few local places in a consistent fashion. Profiles are different from a daily stream of events you typically find in social media. A profile offers basic info, a quick glimpse of what the topic is, and then links to more information on the web.

Below are the accounts I set up for people online to connect about a location while passing through. They are a spot for myself and others to put topical tips and media. For now they are simply profiles with a link to Wikipedia so one may learn more. I’m reaching out to others to profile here as well such as @StClairWestTO.

I wish the city would own these digital footprints so we could all move through our digital space more easily. By that I mean, common names would be registered and link to further resources. I rather the account names be ones about a location and not a dormant user account that has nothing to do with the location such as @CollegeStTO and @BloorSt on Twitter.

Visualizing my data

Where I Went
Foursquare checkins

From 2013, but what you see is mostly of my time in Montreal working on contract coordinating the redesign of Concordia’s website and social media.

Some of What I Said
Twitter infographics and top tweets of @matthewburpee

A Bit of What I Saw

My Foursquare Stats

My Social Network

A slideshow showing meta data from my facebook, twitter and other networks. Select for more info.