In praise of bad web design?

Home page of irregular boxes

Testimonials page

Have you seen a website like this in Toronto’s digital wilds? At first I was set back by its design but then noted a quality.

Mother’s Dumplings website is so retro and poor that it stands out in an age of repetitive image sliders, parallax scrolling, pop-ups, and auto-play video backgrounds. It reminds me of Geocities.

It’s so cute that I want to collect sites like these and them take home and put them in a drawer or on the coffee table.

Make no mistake, I love eating dumplings and pan cakes at Mother’s Dumpling on Spadina Ave below College. You may too if you’ve not been. Just don’t try their site on mobile or have accessibility needs.

While we’re here having fun, you can now make any webpage look like Geocities.

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