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Enjoying the Outer Harbour

One of Toronto’s best kept secrets is the Outer Harbour, the bays of Leslie Spit, and in the canals of the Toronto Islands. If interested, I’d be happy to help you experience canoeing or dinghy sailing from the Cherry Beach area. Taking friends, and friends of, out on the water for a short excursion is a favourite pastime. As the season changes there is plenty online to learn more.

As the Communications Director for the Outer Harbour Sailing Federation of nine clubs and a youth camp I help promote water recreation and help get the word about getting out on the water from the Cherry Beach area. Below are some of my photos from several accounts I manage.

I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to canoeing and sailing from my father when I was a child. Somehow I managed to borrow his boats and bring them to Toronto. I’ve been sailing a Laser with The Water Rat sailing club for a few years and many more with the Outer Harbour Centreboard Club. I’m rarely in a motor boat but I also have the Canada Boating License Pleasure Craft Operator Card. I’ve been learning about the areas natural, industrial and recreational history, its people, ecology, wildlife and the largest urban redevelopment project currently underway in North America.

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Visiting Wards Island by boat

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Will reach shore sooner or later

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Kids playing on the beach

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