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I found some favorable words for WordPress in the latest Open Source CMS Market Share Report and included some below.

“Backed by both a large community and the efforts of Automattic, Inc., it has grown into a full-fledged content management system that is by far one of the most easy to use.”

Growth trends in interest for WordPress have recently exceeded that of other dominant CMS projects such as Drupal and Joomla. It has lead to widespread market recognition. It’s consistently rated in Webware 100 (CNET) and was rated as the Best Social Networking Open Source CMS (Packt Publishing, Open Source CMS Awards). WordPress was rated as the most favorable CMS tool in terms of general feeling in a CMSWire.com user survey (Open Source CMS Market Share Report, 2009).
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More About WordPress

A. Who Uses WordPress
The New York Times, CNN.com, Fox News, Flickr, Yahoo, About.com, Meebo, NASA, Gizmodo, BlogTalkRadio. http://en.wordpress.com/notable-users/

B. What About Design? Are they the same?
30 Untypical WordPress Sites: http://www.webdesignerwall.com/trends/30-untypical-wordpress-sites/. WordPress Showcase: http://wordpress.org/showcase/

C. Upcoming WordPress 3.0 Release in Spring 2010 – Some Notable New Features
1. Can have multiple sites in one installation.

2. A Welcome Guide for guide new users.

3. Custom Woo Navigation will be included to the core in this release in order to allow for better menu management. This menu system has the drag and drop ease of the widget management screen, it could combine Pages, Categories, and Links.

4. Combining Post Types and Taxonomies will make WordPress a much more robust CMS option. This feature will allow you to have different type of posts for example Portfolio listings, Products, and then Normal posts. This feature will allow a different way of sorting/display and enable other CMS options in WordPress.

WordPress is social:
1. WordPress does blogs well and has member plugins and tools for integrating social media sites.

2. BuddyPress is the native social network software for WordPress: http://buddypress.org. BuddyPress has a range of features that will allow the creation of a social network application. The basic installed system offers:

* Activity Streams
* User Profiles
* Options to add user profile fields and sections
* Avatar uploads
* Group Creation
* Group discussion forums
* Group logo and Wire
* Friend system
* Messaging
* Bespoke themes
* Blogs per user (via the WordPress engine)
* Group discussion forums
* Single sign-on and one click forum integration.

Here is the email from Matt

You’ve probably already seen the notice in your dashboards, so I’ll keep this one short and sweet:

3.0 is faster, stabler, and more secure, so you can focus on what matters (your audience) and let the rest fade to the background.

Custom post types, MU merge, menu editor, Twenty Ten theme, over 1,200 bug fixes… there’s so much to enjoy in this new release, we’re really proud of it. It’s the best WordPress yet, and available for a limited time for only free ninety nine. 😉

Tell your friends, help them upgrade, write new themes that use the new features, spread the good word.

Matt Mullenweg
http://ma.tt | http://wordpress.org

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