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As a communications specialist I help organizations use the Internet to connect with and engage their communities. I help plan, design, pull and flip switches towards new initiatives such as website redesigns, social media plans and email marketing.

Let’s chat if you need help with upcoming project.

I like being involved with designing online media as it shapes the way we live, work, and play. I can often be found attending new media events and tweet about them @matthewburpee.

After completing a Bachelor in Political Science from the University of Ottawa and another in Radio & Television Arts at Ryerson University, I built Ryerson’s award winning website and launched several redesigns. I later assisted website and social media projects for Concordia University, Apple Canada, The Canadian Association of Law Libraries, Kaboose, The YMCA of Greater Toronto, and a number of startups and professionals. Please see my LinkedIn for more about my professional background.

Drop into my social stream to see what I’m posting about in social media today. I also created a few mashups of my online activities. Before looking at any of these you may want to go out and have fun instead. Still here? Ok, drop into: photos, events I’m watching, the places I go, music listening, presentations, or things I’m reading.

There are at least eight other Matthew Burpee’s in North America so just in case I’m the one in the photo on this page.

It’s also always nice to hear from someone who has visited here, so feel free to contact me, or connect via your preferred social network. Suggestions are welcome too. The best ideas are not always obvious. See you next time.