Wireless Toronto Meet-up

I heart community wifi
It’s wonderful to see Wireless Toronto getting busy again after a quiet year. There were good ideas from a variety of people out at last night’s open meeting. With Toronto Hydro’s One Zone record being spotty and close to being sold off, the need for community wi-fi is still strong. Dory and I met to discuss Wireless Toronto Portal Page ideas which include profiling neighborhoods using RSS feeds from flickr, map mashups, Torontoist, Blog.TO, craiglist’s miss connections, garage sales, other events, and city councilor websites. Other ideas included profiling local people or things, featuring guest curator or artist, and social tools such as chat, or a wall. More than a few career announcements mentioned in the pub after too.

Related Economist Article (Apr 10th 2008): Nomads at last “Wireless communication is changing the way people work, live, love and relate to places—and each other”.

Wireless Toronto

Wireless Toronto
Interested in having a Wi-fi hotspot?
Interested? Sign up for a small yearly fee. Concerned who will use it? See link above. Wireless Toronto have worked hard to help bring Toronto in line with other cities. They deservatively made it to Joseph Wilson’s Top 10 tech events in Toronto’s Now Magazine.

A good reason for installing wireless is explained in a recent article. “The surge in guerrilla meet-ups has coincided with hotels installing Wi-Fi networks in their lobbies and restaurants. “Right after we put it in, we saw traffic go up in all of those locations,” says Dick Mason, general manager of Boston’s Omni Parker House hotel.” – Meet Me in the Lobby Fast Company, Dec 2005.

Wireless Toronto meeting, Jan 18

* Photo by Hanna Cho

Wireless City

A wireless downtown was the theme of a Social Tech Brewing event last evening. Speakers presented from Ile Sans Fil, a wireless community in Montreal, and murmur, a cell phone arts project that plans to go wireless. It was felt that Toronto is behind many other cities in this area. There was strong interest at the well attended event to build a free wireless community with creative projects in Toronto now. More about the event. Another link: Wirelessforum in New Zealand.