Creating social streams

Social streams are another way to quickly share your personality online. For me it helps fill a space in my site left by my posting elsewhere. For you the reader it may feel like rummaging through my memories looking at disconnected thoughts. But then that’s what using the Internet is often like. My social stream is back with Rebelmouse after trying others.

Mathew Ingram on Social Media as a Small Town

Social media is like a small town… You loose something. You gain something… Everyone finds their place in the spectrum. Update: This video clip from Mathew’s talk at Third Tuesday Toronto is now under post about the event by Maria Koukopoulos titled Part 2 – A Candid Chat with The Globe and Mail’s Social Media Evangelist Mathew Ingram. Below are Mathew’s presentation slides.

How the Globe and Mail is using social media to connect with its readers. Slides: