Burpee bike and other finds

What are the odds of finding someone with your name on the Internet? Pretty good, right? But with my family name? And how about also with a father with same name as your father’s. Enter Mathew (with one T) Burpee and family in Ottawa. We will all meet one day. A nice surprise.

More on the Internet:
Photo of motorbike
“World Famous Biker/Chef “Biker Billy” Stands in front of his custom painted bike. Paint by Peter Maiier / Lettering / Gold Leaf by Cos..” Burpee decal on gas tank. (Thanks Jane) More Burpee finds: Burpee Stream, NB, Burpee Museum, Burpee Ball Game, Burpee Seeds & Plants, Burpee Name Origins, and Ultimate Burpees Exercise (animation).
Exercise animation