Social media

The social web connects us to where we share, critique and interact with each other. It’s constantly changing. Exploring social media helps me connect to several communities from friends to clients and understand the latest trends.

I’m in the following sites for the water cooler chatter with like-minded people who plan, design and engage their communities via social, web and mobile. Please join me in navigating the social seas via your preferred site. I mostly contribute to “what’s on deck” which according to my Klout this is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Visit my social stream to see recent posts.

So what are you waiting for. Add me on MySpace already.

Writing projects
Concordia University: Social media handbook
Ideal Lofts: Overview for potential residents and agents
HoHoTO: What to consider before #HoHoTO
HoHoTO: GivingTuesday is easy. Pick a charity. Participate!
HoHoTO: We’d love a little help from our friends. Please share

Media projects
SMWi Toronto 2016 in Photos: My gallery
MantraVision2016 conference: Peggbot, CRE and the cloud…
More tech related events