Canada Helps videos and recommendations

Morae usability testing software captured the following.

  1. Video 2AVIWMV – Charity Profile
    Issue: Content missing. “Description NA!? Nope they’re not getting my money!”
    Recommendation: Add details about charities.
    Severity: Low
  2. Video 3WMV – Home page
    Issue: Little profile of charities. What do they do for Canada?
    Recommendation: Feature a charity of the week.
    Severity: Low
  3. Video 4WMV – Search
    Issue: Rather browse through charities than search. “I don’t know who to donate to.”
    Recommendation: Allow for multiple ways to find charity profiles.
    Severity: Medium
  4. Video 5WMV – Search Output
    Issue: Search output content and design are poor.
    Recommendation: Add logos is available. Use lower case and not all caps for names. Don’t use charity numbers.
    Severity: Low
  5. Video 6MOV – Giving Basket.
    Issue: Why if only giving only $1, does the organization want $3.
    Recommendation: Percent rate, minimum amount, or rate only start at a larger amounts.
    Severity: Low
  6. Video 7MOV – Giving Basket.
    Issue: How do I donate? I have to go to “Checkout”? This should say Donate.
    Recommendation: Change terminology from shopping term to donation.
    Severity: Medium
  7. Video 8WMV – Account Summary Page.
    Issue: Little idication about wheather logged in or not. “Did my password change? How did I get here? Am I logged in?” She can’t tell if logged in till she saw Logged Out up at top.
    Recommendation: Add Account name to page.
    Severity: Low

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