C2 Montréal is vraiment sociale

C2 MontrĂ©al explores the intersection between commerce and creativity by presenting world-renowned speakers. I again joined the C2 Social Squad managed by Truly Social. We contributed to discussion in social media while in talks, workshops and activities with executives and innovators from around the world. See more of my photos and videos from the event. I’ve never seen an event as smart, creative and engaging as C2. If you have a chance…

Visualizing my data

Where I Went
Foursquare checkins

From 2013, but what you see is mostly of my time in Montreal working on contract coordinating the redesign of Concordia’s website and social media.

Some of What I Said
Twitter infographics and top tweets of @matthewburpee

A Bit of What I Saw

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My Social Network

A slideshow showing meta data from my facebook, twitter and other networks. Select for more info.