Finding and logging Canadian music

Link to personal radio

You are the DJ – I’m trying out a plug-in called Audioscrobbler that charts my recent songs in iTunes and plays like music from the button above. I’m hearing some good new music with it too.

Local 514, 416 Tunes – It’s a great time for Canadian music. Some bands include: Stars, Apostle of Hustle, The Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Feist, Jason Collett, Metric, The Dears… And even better than being well liked here and abroad… many of the above seem to be friends and often play in each others sets on stage.

Handy dandy audibles to dive into more sometime (from jo):
New Music Canada (CBC), Pitchfork reviews, Insound, Epitonic, Maplemusic, Umbrellamusic.

I Heart New York

Central park

A big city can still live in a small world. After settling into my hotel, I call up a friend from Montreal working in town and later discover, while walking with his address in hand, that he and his coworkers are in a condo that happens to be right next door. The next building! I knew they were near the Lincoln Center like me but that’s it. What are the odds in Manhattan? There I met a friend of my co-worker Dario (who sits beside me), a woman that knows my sisters, and an Image Arts alum. Later, I run into an awesome couple on the street that I met recently in Toronto. And that was the first few hours. There was 6 degrees going on all weekend. I love New York. A nice return.

MOMA interior
UN Anti-gun sculture
MOMA reopens
MOMA stairs
Shillers Liquor Bar, lower Manhattan
NYC Times Square
NYC street lamp
NYC Little Italy
NYC Aquarium Jelly fish
NYC Boardwalk
NYC Aquarium
NYC Aquarium Jellyfish