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I helped implement a social media program across several departments while working at Concordia University in 2012. With institutional strategic priorities in mind and consultation, I authored a handbook, a playbook, monitored social media using Radian6, provided guidance during many public crises, facilitated, blogged for and trained employees. I helped double engagement across social media accounts.

Year in review: Concordia triples social media influence
Posted on April 12, 2012 by Matthew Burpee

The previous twelve months has seen remarkable uptake in the main social media accounts likely due to more placement on the homepage, more event and media updates, more links and other factors.

Klout score 2011-2012

Klout uses sophisticated algorithms to calculate a corresponding number to how many and how much we influence people. Concordia online influences others when we convince students to visit our campus, researchers to share our YouTube video about new facilities, and alumni to start a discussion about Homecoming. It likely does not take into account the subtle nature of relationships between people in social networks. Radian6, a very different tool, is helping us understand the subtleties of sentiment post by post. See our Klout profile. Concordia’s Klout score is 50 which is similar to McGill, Carleton, Ryerson, and U of T. The average Klout score is not 50 but around 20 according to Klout’s website.


Facebook Fans 2009-2012

In the past year 22,000 users were engaged with Concordia’s page. It had a reach of 1,591,000 people who may have seen the content fans interacted with. The 350 posts received 360 comments, 3,000 likes, and were shared 488 times. A link on the home page to Facebook was introduced in January 2011 and again the March redesign launch. This along with a greater emphasis in Facebook helped bring 57% increase in fans from the previous year.

Facebook engagement 2011-2012

Facebook demographics


Twitter followers 2009-2012

Twitter saw a 52% increase in followers from the previous year. Twitter stats: Followers 6.3K. Tweets 2K. Retweets 1.1K. Mentions 1.3K. According to, our network skews male and is composed primarily of 21-24 year olds followed by 35-44 year olds. @Concordia is influential about 16 topics including education, Montreal, college, digital media, photography, molson, media, social media, manga, business, games, video, anime, training, conferences, and politics. 

YouTube 2010-2012

YouTube saw a 56% increase in upload views from the previous year. YouTube 2010-2012 Subscribers

YouTube saw a 67% increase in subscribers from the previous year. 


LinkedIn followers April 2011 to April 2012

LinkedIn saw a 51% increase in followers from the previous year.


FourSquare followers April 2011 to April 2012
Foursquare jumped to 2,688 followers.

135,000 new views in Flickr during the past year.

Google+, April 12, 2012: Pluses: 193, In circles: 171

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