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Canadian Business
Canadian Business

Some helpful tips about using social media at work can be found within an article in Canadian Business (PDF) by Lila MacLellan. Here are six takeaways.

1. Don’t expect employees to dutifully and mindlessly share messages; allow everyone to be selective. Ask to please consider’ re-tweeting anything that feels authentic to them. Create content so interesting that they want to share it with their friends.

2. Give employees training and a choice of platform; although Facebook is the dominant social media outlet, LinkedIn and Twitter are often seen as “public-facing”.

3. Give and take within the company; if you’re asking employees to tweet about work, for example, consider re-tweeting employees’ messages about their personal interests, like weekend fundraiser runs, art exhibits or music gigs.

4. If you run a mission-driven organization, mention specific actions in your posts. News about efforts to improve the world is more likely to get passed around.

5. “Asking who should be doing social media is like asking who should have a phone on their desk,” Warren Whitlock, co-author of The Twitter Revolution. Assume everyone is on social media.

6. Social media is not a soapbox for shameless self-promotion. You should be asking questions of your followers. You should be listening to what they’re saying.

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