Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Matthew. This is my personal blog. I’m a Toronto based digital communications professional. I help plan, design, pull and flip switches towards new initiatives online. Please learn more about me and work projects.

Every location has a story. Let’s connect them online

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Where there is a place, there is a story. In cities every public place has a story of coexistence and connection.

After being blown away by using the Detour App (location audio tours) in San Francisco, going on Jane’s Walks, learning about #2forTO, and after many years of using Foursquare Swarme and Yelp, I’m hooked on connecting locations online.

I wish the city would own its digital footprint so we could all move through our digital space more easily. By that I mean, common names would be registered and link to further resources. I rather the account names be ones about a location and not a dormant user account that has nothing to do with the location such as @CollegeStTO and @BloorSt on Twitter. There are many more examples.

Below are the accounts I set up for tourists and locals to connect about a location. They are also a spot to put topical tips and media that I come across. I hope to add more info and stories with others. For now they are simply profiles with a link to Wikipedia so one may learn more. A profile account is different from daily log. They are designed to offer basic info, be a quick glimpse of what the topic is, and offer a link to more on the web. I’m reaching out to others to profile here as well such as @StClairWestTO.

More about my places on Foursquare Swarme, Yelp and Facebook soon.

Creating social streams

Social streams are another way to quickly share your personality online. For me it helps fill a space in my site left by my posting elsewhere. For you the reader it may feel like rummaging through my memories looking at disconnected thoughts. But then that’s what using the Internet is often like. My social stream is back with Rebelmouse after trying others.